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Supreme Benefits of Being Organised + A Freebie

We live in an age of overload – and, wow, don’t we know it. Never have there been so many ways to distract our senses: news (including ‘fake news’) comes from countless sources; people we don’t even know alert us to ‘interesting and/or amusing’ videos designed to titillate eyes and ears. And yet, for every minute we are distracted, we fail to organise something of importance. Ridiculous isn’t it? So here are a few key points on the significant benefits of sorting ourselves out. Read more

Now Sorted – How it Began

Two men, in their mid-forties, are chatting over a business breakfast. Suddenly, one excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. He is sweating slightly, feels uncomfortable, splashes some cold water on his face. He returns to the table, apologises to his colleague and suggests they defer their discussion to another day. With that, he pays the bill, tips the waiter and proceeds to his car. He wonders what just happened?  Within an hour he learns he’d undergone a heart attack – an event that changed his life forever.

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Your estate vs. your legacy – the crucial difference

Whatever your age, you have either already built your estate – or are in the course of doing so. Your estate is fundamentally everything you own, less everything you owe. It reflects who you are and what you have achieved.

No matter your position, at every stage of life your estate defines you because it represents where and how you live … every single day.

Your estate is a your life’s work-in-progress: you currently use its assets to live, grow and enjoy – and one day you’ll inevitably want to pass it on to loved ones. When you think that way, you are planning your estate. Read more